Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Era?

The launch of Vogue Turkey made me impossibly happy, although I cannot read the magazine or actually have one in my possession it was a great day for the fashion world. They not only featured a model on the cover, and not some silly celebutante, but got rid of the busy coverlines and focused on the actual fashion.
I feel like magazines have gotten away from the actual clothes and been more focused on the gimmick and how to sell their products. Which is ultimately the goal but hopefully our American magazines will take a note from Turkey and reintroduce simplicity and authenticity. Jessica Stam is impossibly gorgeous on the cover and the whole look makes me want to jet over and buy a copy for myself!


  1. I love the simplicity of it. British Vogue and American Vogue are terrible with cover text, you can hardly see the photo!
    I'm glad they put Jessica Stam on the cover too, she looks great and that dress is incredible!


  2. I agree - this is a great way to kick off the magazine for Turkey. Jessica looks so great as usual.

  3. love the photo! ;)

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  4. It looks so good. You're so right sometimes the hype is so annoying.
    I mean there's never any true critiques just brain washed celebrity advertisement.
    models make so much more sense on the cover of a FASHION magazine.

  5. I absolutely agree
    It's gorgeous
    nice blog :)

  6. I absolutely love your blog and your name is my favourite name ever haha.

    Ill follow!

  7. yay!!!! it's always nice to have a local Vogue on the premises

  8. i also love an easy cover, where you can see the front good, love it!

  9. could not have agreed with you with any more precision in thought!

    Jessica is so captivating, she simply sucks the words from your mouth, leaving you in utter awe.

    I really really love this cover! It's so fresh, clean, and exactly what this industry needs!